Street Sweeping | Pressure Washing | Property Maintenance

Street Sweeping | Pressure Washing | Property Maintenance  

  • Gutters:  Clean the interiors for water drainage and exterior to remove moss and mildew.
  • Concrete:  Remove moss and mildew to restore concrete like new.

    Pressure washing isn’t only good for the house itself, the driveway and deck can also benefit greatly from a good wash down. Of course you can hose down the driveway or patio to remove loose dirt, but over the years dirt, slime, oil and mold can really build up and a simple hose down simply cannot clean it completely where a good pressure wash can.

  • Pressure washing can be done using cold or hot water. Pressure washers come in many different types with motors that are electrically powered or gas powered and have varying levels of psi and GPM (pounds per inch and gallons per minute) for greater or lesser power.If you are interested in pressure washing the outdoor areas of your home you have a few different ways you can go about it. If you know you will be using it on a regular basis it is probably a good idea to purchase a pressure washer for your own home. If not, you might consider renting one for a day or two, just long enough for you to get the job done.Another option for pressure washing is to hire a company to do the work for you. You can have professionals come to your home and clean any surface you may need done without you having to even raise a finger. This is probably the best option for those with a busy schedule or who will only be doing this from time to time.

    However you do your pressure washing, if you have not done it before you will be surprised with the instant results you can see. Years of dirt and slime build up are washed away with a minimum of effort and you are left with a nice clean surface.


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