How many BAD experiences is to many? Is your Landscape appearance enhancing or declining?

We all have driven through expensive neighborhoods and beautiful commercial properties. One of features that makes these properties amazing and breathtaking is Landscape Design, Installation and of course most important one of all maintenance.

I have heard more than few folks say, ” Well these folks are financially well off and can afford any kind of service”. Well I have a little secret to tell you. Allot of these homes do not pay much more than you do. The only difference between these home owners and others, is that they know how to hire right people for right jobs. Instead of having 3-5 different contractors service their property( lawn, landscape, pruning, decorations and everyday landscaping needs), they find Lawn & Landscape Contractor that is truly a professional and performs this kind of work , year after year, not because he is between jobs, not because he is retired and he is bored out of his mind, or to lazy to master his trade and bounces from trade to trade not mastering any at all.

Would you trust your Home electrical wiring to a plumber? Does your roof get repaired by your dentist? Same principal is applied towards your Landscaping INVESTMENT. People forget that it doesn’t matter how nice or beautiful your landscaping can be when it is installed, it only will be as good of landscaping as person that maintains it. With over 250,000 different types of plants and over 10,000 different types of grass.

It is very easy these days to get a trailer , finance some equipment and consider your self a Landscaper. In my experience 8 out 10 LCO’s do not even have a licence or insurance to run. Yet they go to closest Sign shop print a company logo and phone number and ready for business. We can meet and beat all of the prices in town, if we subtract our way of operation. And become like the rest. Company that has a legal name and stands by their name will turn over backwards to please a Customer before we would want to create bad reputation.

Joe Blow for example doesn’t care, because he has no name to ruin and he is in it for few month to a season before he finds something else to make a quick buck at. There is a difference hiring someone who will complete a job in right fashion, week in and week out and in right order.

Ask you contractor many questions, We love to be helpfull and help customer make a decision if You ask us more then our lowest price. If Contractor get’s uncomfortable or avoids certain questions it is for a reason. Go to your Local County and Check if licencing is up to date, It is free and takes 1 minute.

Choose your Landscape & Lawn Services Wisely.



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