Woodinville Wa Style Landscaping. Shade loving Plants

Shrub, Perennial and Tree Planting in Woodinville Washington.

 Setting paths of compressed dirt or bark chips through your wooded areas to create the peaceful impression of wandering through a secluded forest, even in your own backyard landscaape. While a privacy hedge of dense evergreens can serve to screen out adjoining properties, woodland shrubs can also be used to create intimate private forest rooms for reading, socializing or quiet thought. We can suggest a number of suitable flowering shrubs,perennials and trees including: any of the many members of the viburnum family, which also bear attractive berries; rhododendrons and mountain laurels; kousa dogwood; and the winter-blooming witch hazel. Create room-sized clearings with low-growing ground covers or a thick layer of wood bark mulch or fine compost, and surround them with these shrubs, leaving openings for your paths in and out of the clearing. Place a pair of comfortable chairs and a small table in the forest room.

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